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Cazal Eyewear

This handmade Cazal Eyewear collection of ladies eyewear and sunglasses is expertly crafted with beautiful and exquisite materials, and set with genuine Austrian crystals. Special Online Price: $460.   Check out with PayPal

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These timeless vintage frames are handcrafted in Italy. Made of acetate and accented with sleek metal, they bring an instant stamp of Céline’s brand of polished cool to any outfit or occasion. Special Online Price: $325.  Check out with PayPal

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Dior eyewear fascinates with sophisticated architectural lines and glamorous flair. Freedom is the motto, celebrating the perfect melt between contemporary design and feminine spirit. Special Online Price: $325.   Check out with PayPal

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Stella McCartney

A signature style of sharp tailoring, natural confidence and sexy femininity. All sunglasses complimenting Stella McCartney’s collections are eco-friendly; which has since also expanded into the optical range. Special Online Price: $295.   Check out with PayPal

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Chopard eyewear collection consists of exclusive compositions of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emerald of exceptional and unexpected cuts and sizes. These frame opening a world of unparalleled glamour and craftsmanship, where originality, creativity and technical mastery are pushed to their ultimate limits. Special Online Price: $484.  Check out with PayPal

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Dada-e Eyewear

Dada-e Eyewear introduces frames that are fresh and always in front of the trends. The collection constantly implements innovative product and new frame technology. The brand is recognized for bringing the world of edgy, high quality eyewear together with unparalleled customer service. Special Online Price: $734.  Check out with PayPal