Buying new eyewear doesn’t have to be overwhelming in fact it’s a much more enjoyable experience selecting eyewear when you know how the process works.
1. Schedule your eye exam or bring your current Rx

Schedule your eye exam with our experienced licensed Optometrist conveniently located inside our store. We also accept outside Rx from other doctors. We can also duplicate your Rx from your current lenses for a duplicate pair of new glasses. It’s very common we can contact your doctor to obtain your Rx for you on your behalf.
We recommend before booking your eye exam that if you’re planning on using your vision insurance check first who your coverage is through and review your benefits.

2.Select your new frames

This is the fun part! Try on different looks from a very large inventory of top designer eyewear to discover the frame which best suits not only your personality but also your prescription needs guided by our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable Fashion Eyewear Specialist. Their job is not to sell you! Their goal is simply to assist you in finding frames that fit you properly but those which suit your own individual style and prescription needs within your budget.
If using vision insurance you’ll have a “frame allowance” generally with most insurance which you will be responsible for the balance remaining. Most plans allow for a generous allowance to be used towards your frames.

3. Review your lens options and Place an order

Once you have selected your new glasses the Fashion Eyewear Specialist will measure the distance between your pupils. If you’re in a progressive lens, bifocal or trifocal they will mark the demo lens in the frame you selected where the bifocal will start.
They will then review your lens options. Based upon your prescription needs they will then review with you in easy to understand terms explaining the density of lenses best suited for your Rx, and recommended coatings on your lenses such as scratch, anti reflective, UV. Purchase the frame and lenses at this time.
If using vision insurance know that in most cases you will be receiving your lenses at the wholesale cost vs. the retail cost since most insurance providers have their own labs which will be making your new lenses of course not all plans are the same so you’re Fashion Eyewear Specialist will review your benefits with you so that you understand the cost of your lenses.

4. Pickup your new eyewear

Receive your anticipated delivery date which generally is the same day for single vision lenses and twenty four hours for progressive lenses depending on your prescription and lens selected.
You’ll receive a message from our friendly lab staff notifying you that your glasses are ready.
Stop in at your convenience to get your new eyewear. We suggest you allow for up to fifteen minutes as we adjust your new eyewear to fit you properly and to make sure you’re seeing clearly.
You’ll receive instructions on how to care for your lenses. In fact, we’ll provide with bottle of lens cleaner and cleaning cloth along with your case for your new glasses.

If you used your vision insurance to purchase your new eyewear then your anticipated delivery time will depend on your insurance provider. Each provider has specific “promise dates” and your Fashion Eyewear Specialist will inform you when to expect your new eyewear from your vision insurance provider’s lab.